Take time for Gratitude


I can’t remember if I was watching TV or listening to the radio in the car.

Someone talked about how people now have a time famine.

Time famine? That was new to me.

People don’t have enough time. People are starving for time!

I don’t know but maybe the nine that did not thank Jesus for their healing had a time famine!

The other day someone came into my office and said, “There is a woman that wants to speak with you.”

I looked down the hall. There was an elderly woman with a cane. I thought to myself, “Oh, what does she want?”

I walked towards her.

This is what she said, “I help with the homeless lunch every first Wednesday. I want to do more. Many decades ago I was an immigrant. I was hungry, and I was even homeless. God has helped me so much. In helping others I am healed.”

I was astonished. She did not want me to help her. She wanted to help others. This is someone who has enough time to say thanks to God for everything she has received.

But to me this was the most interesting things she said. “In helping others I am healed.”

Since that day I think to myself, “Am I taking time to thank God for all the blessings in my life?”

Then I thought, “How do I spend my time?” I spend so much time working and solving problems.

Then I thought, “What if I spent all of my time being thankful for all my blessings? What would my life be like?”

In that moment I felt so much gratitude.

I have had big problems. I have had heartbreaks. I have had failures.

But none of these things take away the gratitude I feel to God. I have received so many blessings.

If I spent all my time being thankful for all my blessings, I would not have enough time.

God has been so good to me. I am filled with gratitude. This is why I want to help others. And I discover that my gratitude somehow heals me in ways I cannot explain.

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