God is bigger than our fears


Most people who win the lottery lose all the money within a few years. It’s true. What happens? Why do these winners usually lose all the money? People sabotage their own success. They lose the money because they feel they do not deserve it. They cannot believe that winning the lottery can really happen to them. They believe this so much that they lose the money. Most people do not have the capacity to win so much money. The same thing is true about God’s grace. But many people believe they do not deserve God’s grace. So, many people believe that so much good cannot happen to them. They reject so much grace that comes to them. Many people believe the God would not give them so much good. We cannot cause God to give us grace. God just gives it. God gives us grace all the time. Grace is the good we need to create the life we really want and to be happy. In prayer we do not need to convince God to answer our prayers. Through prayer we need to increase our capacity to receive God’s grace. To increase our capacity to receive God’s grace is our spiritual work. Gratitude for grace we have received is a way to increase our capacity to receive God’s grace. We have to work on this. Often we do not focus on feeling gratitude for God’s grace we have received. We focus on the problems that we have in our lives right now. There are financial, family, work, and health problems. And there are so many others too. When we think about these problems, the emotion we often feel is fear. And when we feel this fear, then it is difficult to feel that God will help us with these problems. But we can always remember that when we feel fear that God is bigger than our fear. Never let fear convince you that God will not help you. Even if you have fear, God is ready to give you grace. So, in the moments of fear give thanks to God for all the grace you have received in the past. Remember all the good things that have happened to you, and tell yourself this: God can do it again! And the other thing to remember is that the outer circumstances of our lives are just one part of our lives. The other part of our lives is our inner life. We can feel that the outer part of our lives determines our inner life. So, our problems cause the way we feel. But spiritually it is the opposite. Our inner life will determine how we feel and even cause the circumstances of our outer lives. But we often feel that our outer life is more powerful. But Jesus taught that the inner life is more powerful. He called this the Kingdom of God. We need to first proclaim the Kingdom of God to ourselves. We do this by being grateful for all the grace we have received from God. And also by reminding ourselves that we encounter God in our inner lives. When we encounter God in our inner lives we find a spiritual power that transforms our outer circumstances. When we do both of these things then we will not lose the grace that God wants to gives us. The capacity to receive God’s grace increases. We discover that we have freely received spiritual riches that transform our lives.

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