A few days before Christmas a friend called not to tell me Merry Christmas, but to tell me how depressed he was. “There is so much bad news in the world today. There is so much darkness,” he said. This is true I cannot argue with him about that.

He is right. The world has gone crazy. So much does not make sense.

To him, because the world is so crazy he cannot believe in God.

But he also does not understand Christmas.

Today we hear clearly what Christmas is. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

And the Word became flesh and lived among us,

The Word. This translation does not express the meaning of this Greek word – logos. We don’t have a word for the Word!

It’s the opposite of crazy. It means rational; sanity. And it’s intelligence.

In the beginning was sanity. In the beginning was intelligence. And sanity and intelligence was with God. And sanity and intelligence was God. And sanity and intelligence became a human being and lived among us.

That’s Christmas. Sanity and intelligence breaks into the world where so much does not make sense.

One thing that does not make sense is to create darkness. In the darkness someone cannot see what is really going on. When someone blames immigrants, the homeless, the hungry, the unemployed, gay people, and Muslims for the problems in this county then darkness is created.

These groups of people have not created the problems of the world.

And people in darkness cannot see God or what God is doing in the world.

Yes there is darkness and insanity in our world.

And this is why Jesus is born. Sanity has entered the world in a new way. Intelligence has entered the world in a new way. The Word – the logos – has become flesh and is living among us!

A friend of mine teaches high school. One of her Latino students before he left for the holiday he handed her a carefully folded piece of paper. She showed me this paper a few days ago.

On it was a letter he wrote to her. He thanked her because she was such a good teacher. This is what I remember the most. He wrote, “Because you believe in me, I believe in myself.” That is so beautiful. And that is what Christmas is.

The word, the logos, the sanity, the intelligence, the Christ,
God was born because God believed in us. And because God believed in us, we can believe in ourselves. When we believe in ourselves we transform the world around us.

Believe in yourself. God believes in you. That is why God became human. That is Christmas.

There is so much brilliant light in the world today. There is so much good news in the world today.

Christ is born, and the world now makes sense.

Merry Christmas!

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